Romance of the
Nine Empires,
AEG 2013-2014

AEG was contacted by Zombie Orpheus about a movie they were making called Hands of Fate, which was based off of an older AEG collectible card game. AEG agreed to not only design the fictional game for the movie, but if the kickstarter did well enough, release an actual game as well.

So, for the movie, I designed 8 faction symbols and faction card frames as well as the other symbols and card frames and card back for the game. One of the fun parts was to try and make everything feel like it had been around for awhile, designed in the 90s.

This is the one time so far I have my name in movie credits.

The kickstarter ended up doing really well, so AEG did decide to put out an actual, physical version of the fictional game. I redid some of the card elements to make them work better in print. I designed a template for the rulebook. I also ended up doing the box for the expansion that came out in 2014.

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