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I’m a graphic designer by trade and artist by training. I have a BFA from Northwest Missouri State University. My graphic design career began as an 
in-house designer at in a book sales company. I decided to start freelancing after my oldest daughter was born.


I am currently focused in the table top game industry. I have been a gamer most of my life.
So working on games seemed like a natural fit.
I have created designs for various games, including logos, packaging, cards, rule books, game boards, punch-boards, layout, and more.

I have experience with Kickstarter graphics,
catalog layout, sell sheet layout, web page upkeep, asset management and more.

I am open to other design opportunities. I have done flyers for nonprofits and logos for small companies. I have worked on book covers for several small, independently published titles. I also do work creating promotional items, packaging, trade show dress, advertisements, and more. 


I am experienced with both Windows OS and MAC, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Quark, Microsoft Office, HTML, and Database Publishing.

I Have Worked With:

  • AEG

  • Catalyst Game Labs

  • Cohio Games

  • Fantasy Flight Games (Asmodee)

  • Green Acres Press

  • Iello Games

  • Minion Games

  • Monte Cook Games

  • Pandasaurus Games

  • PieceKeeper Games

  • The Plastic Soldier Company

  • Wise Wizard Games

  • And More!

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